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Gymnastics Hall of Famer, Olympian, and National Champion Betty Okino-Devre following a choreography session for floor and beam for the current 2016 1st Place State California and Regional Bar Champion Adele Kaplan and new level 7 gymnasts Sophia Kaplan and Emma Zak. Betty's choreography. - Thank You Betty for your dedication to our sport!


We wanted to thank former Olympian, Gymnastics Hall of Famer, World Champion, and National Champion (in gymnastics and dance) Elizabeth Okino DeVere (Betty Okino), Choreographer, Clinician, Judge and Karissa Thoma, Choreographer, Clinician, and Artistry Trainer for their expert choreography provided to DEGA competitive gymnast. We also want to thank Nicole Lavin of Precision Choreo for coordinating our choreography logistics and sessions.

Elizabeth Okino DeVere (Betty Okino), Choreographer, Clinician, Judge
Elizabeth Okino DeVere, better known in the gymnastics community as Betty.  Betty represented the United States on the U.S. National Team,  she became the National Champion on Balance Beam, won the American Cup title, earned 4 World Championship Medals, and was a member of the Bronze medal winning team at the 1992 Olympics.  In 2002, Betty was even honored to be inducted into the Gymnastics Hall of Fame.  Betty's contributions to gymnastics will live on in her 2 skills,  “the Okino,” a triple turn on beam, and “the Okino 2,” bar dismount.
Aside from gymnastics, Betty has had some great successes in the worlds of dance and acting.  My 20 years of dance training in several different styles (mainly ballet, jazz &  contemporary), led Betty to 5 Junior National Dance Titles.
Karissa Thoma, Choreographer, Clinician, and Artistry Trainer
Karissa Thoma has been working as a professional dancer since the ripe old age of 5 when she was hired to do ballet in a National commercial. At the age of 10 she was hired to be a soloist in “The Glory of Christmas.” Shortly after that she became the Regional Floor Champion in gymnastics. In 2013,  she was hired by Aerial Experience Productions in South Korea where she was a dancer and aerialist for a major show for Samsung at the World Fair/ Expo.
Karissa has been coaching and choreographing national gymnasts for the past 6 years including the J.O. National Championships Winning Routine on floor!

Betty Okino-Devre Choreographing for Lynneah Nelson under the Olympic rings. Betty's choreography helped Lynneah to win the 1st Place All-Around at the 2016 Southern California State Championships with a Beam score of 9.7. Lynneah went on to become a part of the 1st Place Southern California State Championship Team - Thank You Betty!