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Brittany recently moved to the LA area as a trained professional dancer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she attended Point Park University. Brittany received a B.A. in Dance and a B.A. in Dance Pedagogy. As a professional dancer Brittany has starred in and choreographed several music videos and performed all over the country. Brittany has been a dance instructor for the past three years at Millennium Dance Complex and Point Park University in Pittsburgh. She has also had the opportunity to teach at the prestigious Point Park International Summer Dance for the past two years where she has worked with advanced dancers from all over the world. Brittany has trained beginner level dancers all the way up to college level and professional dancers. Brittany began coaching  gymnastics at Gymkhana Gymnastics in Pittsburgh where she enjoyed working with preschool students and young kids. She is very excited to begin coaching at Dream Elite and teaching ballet. Brittany uses ballet as a foundation to help gymnasts reach their full potential and dare to dream elite.

Coach Gabby

Team Coach

Suzanne is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico where she was a gymnast for 10 years and coached for 6 years. There she was trained as a choreographer by a USA Gymnastics choreographer of the year. After working in New Mexico she coached in Chicago before moving to Palm Desert, California where she coached all levels for 8 years as a head coach before opening her own gym. Her gym grew to over 500 students in just 5 years. Suzanne has been a coach to State, Regional, and National champions, yet she values coaching all levels and ages. She is married to her wonderful husband and they have two girls together. Suzanne has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She is excited to apply her experience and help our gymnasts realize their dreams as they dare to dream elite.

The DREAM ELITE GYMNASTICS Academy Coaching Team has experience for all levels of gymnastics.  They bring tremendous knowledge to Dream Elite and all proud members of USAG. 

Coach Brooklyn

Team/Academy Coach

Coach Lex is the son of Dmitri Bilozertchev, a two-time world champion gymnast and 1988 Olympian for Russia. He trained as a junior under his father, and was an assistant at Ohio State during the 2005-06 season.
Coach Lex is a U.S. Junior National Team member from the 2006-08 seasons.  He is 2007 VISA Championships all-around and pommel horse champion, and a member of the 2007 Junior Pan American Games first-place team. Coach Lex placed third in the all-around and second on floor, pommel horse, and parallel bars at international competition.  He competed in the senior division at the 2008 VISA Championships. Coach Lex improved his all-around finish to fourth at 2007 J.O. Nationals while also claiming third on high bar and made first U.S. Junior National team, finishing fourth in the all-around and third on floor and high bar at the 2006 VISA Championships.
Coach Lex loves gymnastics because of the excitement and adrenaline rush of learning difficult skills, and teaching gymnasts to
dare to dream elite.

Brooklyn grew up in Indio, CA and moved to the Los Angeles area to attend Los Angeles Film School. She recently graduated and now enjoys coaching and spending time with her twin nieces.  Brooklyn was a successful gymnast known for her beautiful flexibility and lines. She competed many years and was always at the top of her level. She began coaching in Palm Desert with team gymnasts who had a lot of success both in and out of the gym because of her coaching contributions. She now coaches all levels with a great knowledge of the sport and a love for children. She loves helping them to achieve their best as they dare to dream elite.

Gabby comes to us from Venezuela where she competed for 9 years and was a member of  National team. Building on her love for the sport she started coaching when she was just 17 year old and has over 20 years of gymnastics experience in both Junior Olympic, National and College level coaching.   She has coached all levels on gymnastics but is especially proud to coach one student all the way to Olympic level.  She has completed several National Judging courses and is F.I.G. certified.  Gabby is a great addition to Dream Elite coaching team and we are excited to see what she brings to our program as she dares to dream elite.


Front Office

As a mostly self taught acrobat and breakdancer, coach Bryan nurtured his passion for movement while coaching recreational gymnastics at Seattle Gymnastics Academy (SGA). After his first 2 years, he helped the boys program increase enrollment from 60 to 200 boys and SGA honored him as their first annual Coach of the Year.
Coach Bryan went on to earn his Masters in Teaching from the University of Washington before starting a gymnastics program for toddlers and preschoolers at the Montessori Academy of Colorado.
He has taught every developmental age of youth from toddlers to high schoolers in a variety of settings including the back country wilderness, after school nonprofits, and academic classrooms.
Coaching gymnastics has been one of the most rewarding of all his educational experiences.  In his free time he enjoys to hike, write, paint, play basketball, and hang out with his family. Coach Bryan will motivate our gymnasts to be the best they can be as they
dare to dream elite.


Front Office

Coach Brittany

Coach /Front Office

Gymnastics Classes


Andra was introduced to the sport of gymnastics through her little sister who trains competitively. Since the first day Andra brought her sister to practice, she knew that the dynamic of the front office environment was a great match for her. Andra enjoys interacting and forming relationships with parents and children. She is currently studying Business Administration and hopes to use her knowledge to help children to  dare to dream elite.

Vilma is a National Level gymnastics coach that started her gymnastics career in Venezuela.  She competed for 7 years and then transitioned into coaching where she had a sucessful career coaching the National Team as the Head Coach for 3 years.  She has been recognized as “Coach of the Year” by the Venezuelan Federation of Gymnastics in 2002 and again in 2004.   Since Vilma moved to United States she has been looking for an opportunity to contribute to a young, growing team program where she can make a meaningful mark on the athletes and share her international experience with athletes and coaches.  She has completed several National Judging courses and is Level III F.I.G. certified.  We are excited to see what she brings to our program as she dares to dream elite.

Veronika developed the passion for the sport of gymnastics when her daughter joined the team. She understands the challanges and rewards that go along with this sport.  Veronika adores kids and has been involved with teaching arts and crafts to children . She also has accounting background so the front office job where she can interact with children and families is the perfect fit for her.  Veronika is a great addition to our team as we dare to dream elite.